An analysis of the environmental issue

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An environmental impact statement (EIS), under United States environmental law, is a document required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) for certain actions "significantly affecting the quality of the human environment". An EIS is a tool for decision making.

It describes the positive and negative environmental effects of a proposed action, and it usually also lists one or more. Identify components of an environmental issue and use criteria to frame the issue for analysis. Apply a five-step process for environmental issue analysis.

Understand the role of advocacy and the environmental educator in environmental issue analysis.

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Latest environmental news, opinion and analysis from the Guardian. Identify components of an environmental issue and use criteria to frame the issue for analysis. Apply a five-step process for environmental issue analysis. Understand the role of advocacy and the environmental educator in environmental issue analysis.

This paper presents a first comprehensive comparison of environmental impacts of carbon capture and storage (CCS) and carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) technologies.

An analysis of the environmental issue
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