An introduction to the issue of exiling criminals to siberia

Wretched Refuse From Teeming Shores

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Eastern Siberia

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Wretched Refuse From Teeming Shores

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Eastern Siberia

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Siberia. I. Introduction. Siberia (Russian Sibir'), vast region comprising the Asian portion of Russia as well as northern Kazakhstan. Siberia is a treasure trove of natural resources, with huge deposits of oil, gas, and minerals and vast stands of timber.

The Zone: a Soviet newspaper assails Siberian labor camps

How did Siberia become known as a place of imprisonment and exile? preth Century The Russian and English Empires were the real Superpowers of this time, and Siberia was important for Russian identity in the eyes of other world powers. In Siberia nowadays, as in the past, some camp inmates escape, and many more, forbidden to return to the large cities of European Russia, remain in Siberia and resume lives of crime there.

Indeed, exiling prisoners to Siberia seemed to be as much an economic development policy as it was a penal policy – as witnessed by the forced labor camps that would also dot the Siberian landscape.

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An introduction to the issue of exiling criminals to siberia
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