An introduction to the issue of global warming controversy

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The Controversy of Climate Change and Global Warming

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Introduction The national debate over what to do, if anything, about the increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has become less a debate about scientific or economic issues than an exercise in political theater.

This part of the web site attempts to introduce the issue of development and sustainable development. Sustainable Development is often an over-used word, but goes to the heart of tackling a number of inter-related global issues such as.

The effects of global warming are the environmental and social changes caused (directly or indirectly) by human emissions of greenhouse is a scientific consensus that climate change is occurring, and that human activities are the primary driver.

Many impacts of climate change have already been observed, including glacier retreat, changes in the timing of seasonal events (e.g.

Global area-averaged lower tropospheric temperature anomalies (departures from year calendar monthly means, ). The month centered average is meant to give an indication of the lower frequency variations in the data; the choice of 13 months is somewhat arbitrary an odd number of months allows centered plotting on months with no time lag between the two plotted time series.

Effects of global warming

Introduction Paragraph About Global Warming. October 3, Period 8 Senior Science Global Warming Controversy Humans have known about global warming for many years now.

But Al Gore did not discover global accademiaprofessionebianca.comr did Tim Flannery, Peter Garrett, Greenpeace or Malcolm Turnbull.

Nature Unbound VIII – Modern global warming

Modern Global Warming (MGW) is the change in climate that has been taking place from the coldest period of the Little Ice Age (LIA) to the present. It is characterized by a preponderance of warming periods over cooling periods, resulting in the warming of the planet, expansion of tropical areas.

An introduction to the issue of global warming controversy
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“The Great Global Warming Swindle” is itself a Fraud and a Swindle