Boobies bracelet response

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Boy Suspended For Bringing Bible To School

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Response to Sunlei (Original post) Mon Mar 10,PM. The bracelets were designed by a nonprofit Keep a Breast Foundation of Carlsbad, CA, to promote breast cancer awareness among young people. According to the American Cancer Society there are aboutnew cases of breast cancer In women this year and of those about 39, deaths so far.

A D.C. area advocacy group has filed a legal brief on behalf of two Easton Area Middle School students who sued the district after they were suspended for wearing "I Heart Boobies" bracelets. If you wear an I love Boobies!

bracelet, you can participate and share your story through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or Twibbon. Simply finish the sentence: I wear my bracelet because And tag it on Twitter Facebook, or Instagram with #THISISMYPINKRIBBON, uploading a video response on YouTube or adding a pink i love boobies!

In NovemberJennifer Hawk and Amy McDonald Martinez filed a lawsuit against Easton School District, in Pennsylvania, in response to what they felt was the unlawful suspension of their daughters. Their daughters were punished for wearing “I ♥ Boobies” bracelets in order to promote breast.

And this isn't a fancy bracelet it just happens to support breast cancer awareness in a very humorous way. "I love boobies," said Albrecht, reading .

Boobies bracelet response
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Girls sue Pa. school over 'boobies'-bracelet ban