Steno writing alphabets

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How to write the alphabet in shorthand

Steno outlines are unique to each reporter. In addition to the spoken word the reporter writes steno outlines to identify speakers; punctuate; insert parenthetical phrases, “notes to self,” cues for computer translation.

Some reporters invent new steno outlines “on the fly” as needed. Steno Key Layout.

Here is the meaning of each key on a shorthand machine: You will note that some letters of the alphabet are repeated twice and many other letters. The principal rule is this: if the first consonant stroke of a word outline has a first-position vowel (whether before or after the consonant), write this stroke above the line.

If the first consonant of a word includes a second-position vowel, write this stroke on the line. Caught in that sensual music all neglect Monuments of unageing intellect. William Butler Yeats (–), "Sailing to Byzantium". Rome casts a long shadow. I am writing in the Latin alphabet.

How to write the alphabet in shorthand

I am using the Roman calendar, with its names of the months. About Gregg Shorthand Editor's Note A Talk with the Beginner The Alphabet Chapter I Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Chapter II Unit 4 Unit 5 Unit 6 Chapter III Unit 7 Unit 8 Unit 9 Chapter IV Unit 10 Unit 11 Unit 12 Chapter V Unit 13 Unit 14 Unit 15 Chapter VI Unit Shorthand is an abbreviated symbolic writing method that increases speed and brevity of writing as compared to longhand, a more common method of writing a language.

The process of writing in shorthand is called stenography, from the Greek stenos (narrow) and graphein (to write).

Steno writing alphabets
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