The issue of bioinvasion and its devastating effect on economy

Invasive species

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Framing and Reframing in Invasion Biology

Zebra Mussels The zebra mussel (Dreissenapolymorphd) population has expanded from its point of introduction in the Great Lakes in to its current range that includes lakes, the five Great Lakes, and numerous rivers in 23 states, and most recently, it has been found in aquatic ecosystems in Nevada (Benson and Raikow, ).

How is the economy linked to ecosystem services? The source document for this Digest states: Ecosystem services contribute significantly to global employment and economic activity.

The ecosystem service of food production contributes by far the most to economic activity and employment. Bioinvasions and Globalization synthesises our current knowledge of the ecology and economics of biological invasions, providing an in-depth evaluation of the science and its implications for managing the causes and consequences of one of the most pressing environmental issues facing humanity today.

Impact of Demonetization on various sectors & the Economy

Bioinvasion has an enormous impact on the economy and environment. Globally, its toll is estimated to be approximately $ trillion a year.

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10 Ways Humans Impact the Environment

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The issue of bioinvasion and its devastating effect on economy
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10 Ways Humans Impact the Environment