Writing a mini series

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10 Steps to Writing a Successful Series on your Blog

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I’m Writing a Mini-Series!

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Don't Write Comics: How To Write Comics Part 1

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How To Develop, Sell and Write a Television Mini-Series

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Why I Don’t Recommend Writing Miniseries On Spec

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Comics Experience

Aug 10,  · I wouldn't spend a lot of time writing all three scripts. The mini-series is competing in a very limited marketplace, If you have representation ask your agent if there might be a place to place it, and test the waters a bit. Every comic book mini-series is a journey – for both the reader and the writer.

You set out with a goal, a destination, and maybe even a map. But along the way you find detours, roadblocks, unexpected surprises both good and bad. How To Develop, Sell and Write a Television Mini-Series At a Glance This webinar is for writers, producers, and development executives who want to sell miniseries, event and limited series projects to television networks domestically and internationally.

I think a mini series or serial is the ultimate in plot construction for everything pays off – which is perhaps is why it’s so daunting for a scribe to think about writing one. What do you think? For B2W offers and free stuff first, join my EMAIL LIST. Cleary’s webinar for The Writers Store, “How To Develop, Sell and Write a Television Mini-Series” details what steps a writer can take so they have the best shot at selling the next big TV miniseries.

Literary Manager and Producer Kevin Cleary of Pooka Entertainment is an expert when it comes to packaging and selling TV mini-series.

Jon James Miller tells how he got into producing mini-series for TV.

Writing a mini series
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What I’ve learned writing a mini-series about writing